3 Ideas To Dress Up Your Home's Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways have many benefits -- they're cheap, quick to use after laying, and extremely durable, which cuts down on money spent on maintenance. While functionality is nominally the most important thing when it comes to your home's driveway, the plain black surface can leave a lot to be desired when thinking aesthetically. But that doesn't mean that your brand new home has to be visually damaged by your cheap, functional driveway. If you're looking for ideas to dress up your home's asphalt driveway, then here's what you need to know.

Stamp It Up

One easy way to make sure your asphalt is even slightly decorative is to stamp patterns into it while it's still warm. This allows your asphalt to echo designs present within and without your home, helping to pull your design aesthetic together cohesively. You can either focus the designs on the sides of your driveway, thus allowing them to be seen no matter if your car is parked in the driveway or not, or simply have the long sides of your driveway thus decorated, allowing for a splash of personality on an otherwise unmarked canvas.

Color In the Lines

Another way to add life into your boring, black asphalt is to add some color to it. The asphalt coloring is added to the asphalt when it's still quite hot, allowing the pigment to be distributed evenly for uniform color. Asphalt coloring comes in a wide range of earthy, natural colors, such as rusty red (which, when added to an area you're planning on getting brick-stamped, can look like brick), beige, light and dark browns, stone, and dark green.

If the asphalt was poured when you weren't looking, don't think your dreams of a technicolor experience are now beyond you; there are color mixes that can be added to the sealant you'll pour on top.

Think Green

This one isn't about asphalt coloring -- it's about the natural colors that come from different potted plants. If you're interested in sprucing up your driveway -- literally -- then make sure to whitewash a section of your driveway to avoid baking your precious plants with the hot, black asphalt. After that, choose a decorative bench or some other type of potted plant surface to place on the whited section and fill with as much greenery as your heart desires.

As long as you make sure to water your plants regularly and use plant food to ensure they get the nutrients they need, they should thrive while breaking up the black with some lovely, fresh green.

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