Perfect Paved Details For Your Peaceful Patio

Make paved spaces and patios pretty with some cool and clever details. Talk with concrete contractors about ways to go beyond simple concrete and come up with your own distinct features that will complement your home's curb appeal.

Some paving details to incorporate in your own patio include:

Stamped concrete. If you want to stamp an impression in your concrete to bring something fresh and new to a patio or paved area, make the decision before surfacing the space. This typically involves the contractor stamping the pattern or motif in the surface when it is still wet, or you can buy stamped pavers to use on borders or for edging.

Unique pavers. Pavers are basically concrete tiles, found in a wide range of dimensions, that can be easily installed for borders, patios, and even driveways. Consider investing in enough unique pavers to form a path from one property feature to another, leaving a couple feet in-between each one.

Stained concrete. Another way to distinguish your pavement from the neighbor's is to use colored concrete. Contractors can tint the concrete before surfacing to meld well with the looks and color scheme of your home. If you want to bring color to old or current pavement, consider buying paint that is recommended for concrete or cement surfaces.

Lovely labyrinths. Want to turn a simple concrete slab into something dramatic? Use a cement slab to create a labyrinth by etching a path that goes around and around until it reaches the center point, or use stones or tiles to create the cylindrical pattern. These are mystical features that are reported to have an energy that helps with problem-solving.

Stone surfaces. Concrete and stone are a match made in heaven; the two look stunning together and bring a unique marriage of modern and ancient qualities. Use smooth river rocks, uncut gemstones, or colorful gravel aggregates to give damp concrete surfaces texture and visual interest.

Magnificent mosaics. While your pavement is still damp and drying, consider adding stones, marbles, and tiles to create your own magnificent mosaic. These are easy to create and they add a gorgeous feature to any yard or garden. Be wary, however, of the texture of the surface; if it is a heavy-traffic area, set your mosaic pieces deep enough that the surface is somewhat smooth and easy to traverse.

Enhance your home and complement the curb appeal with concrete details that perk-up pavement and patios on your property. For more information, contact Asphalt Valley Services Paving or a similar company.

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Make paved spaces and patios pretty with some cool and clever details. Talk with concrete contractors about ways to go beyond simple concrete and come

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